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In 1822 a Quaker family, headed by Stephen Aldrich, left Smithfield, R.I. to settle in the Town of Thurston, Steuben County, N.Y.
    Stephen Aldrich, born 15 September 1772 in Rhode Island, was the great-grandson of the Quaker preacher Moses Aldrich of Mendon, Massachusetts.  From 1722 until 1741 Moses Aldrich preached in most of the Colonies as far south as the Carolinas, on the Island of Barbados and in the British Isles.  Stephen Aldrich was also the grandson of Caleb Aldrich who was a judge and a member of the Rhode Island General Assembly from 1763 until 1779.
    Accompanying Stephen and his wife Mercy Smith Aldrich to the Town of Thurston were their sons Thomas, Stephen Jr., George and Warner Mifflin Aldrich.  Warner M. Aldrich had married earlier in Rhode Island and his young wife Fidelia Eddy Aldrich accompanied him.  (Fidelia's brothers Eli and Fenner Eddy also settled in the Town of Thurston within a few years after the Aldrich family.)
    In 1825 Stephen Aldrich and his sons built a Greek Revival style home along the Aldrich Road in Thurston Township near Risingville. Today this road is known as the "Hanrahan Road" and it is located between Risingville and the Cranberry Lake Road. The Aldrich Homestead, known variously over the years as the "Mansion House" and the "Frawley Mansion" stood until the late 1980s when it was destroyed by a fire.
    Nearby the Aldrich Homestead and located on Foster Road is the Aldrich Cemetery in which the elder Stephen Aldrich had the dubious honor of being the first occupant in 1840.
    The Aldrich family also lent its name to "Aldrich Settlement" which was situated along the shores of Cranberry Lake.  Many of the settlers were Quakers and the lake was known, for some time, as "Friends' Pond".
    Warner Mifflin Aldrich was a Justice of the Peace in Thurston during the Civil War years.  He and his wife Fidelia were the parents of 10 children.

   1. Julia: born 27 May 1822, married her cousin John Eddy
   2. Fenner: born 1 June 1824, married Martha  Mowry
   3. Mary: born 20 November 1826, married William McDonald
   4. Leonard: born 29 May 1829, married Lavinia Jackson
   5. Warner E.: born 22 February 1831, married Emeline Eaton
   6. Fidelia: born 29 July 1834, married Anthony Jones
   7. Stephen: born 8 September 1837, married Mary Clark
   8. Susan: born 18 December 1840
   9. Eli: born 4 May 1843
  10. Thomas: born circa 1845

    The ancestry of this early family of Steuben County, N.Y. can be found in its entirety in the George Aldrich Genealogy, 1605-1971, by Alvin J. Aldrich.
    This genealogy traces the posterity of the emigrant George Aldrich who came from Derbyshire, County Derby, England in 1631 to Dorchester, Colony of Massachusetts.  Included is reference to the fact that the Aldriches are descended from King Edward II of England and his wife Isabella of France through the marriage of their daughter Mary to William Aldrich of Norfolk.

  The George Aldrich Genealogy by Alvin James Aldrich
  The Eddy Family in America by Ruth S. D. Eddy

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