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      Oliver Bailey born in 1738 in Haddam, Connecticut was the ancestor of the Bailey family that settled early in western Bradford County, Pennsylvania.    After his marriage to Hannah Scoville, they removed to Berkshire, Massachusetts and, in 1803, following several of their children they settled in Granville Township, Bradford County, PA.   Oliver Bailey died in Granville on October 4, 1822 at age 84.
      The following information is from “The Settler” which was published in Towanda, PA.

      “Mr. Bailey was a soldier of 2 wars.  He served through the whole of the French and Indian
      War and was one of the first who asserted our independence in 1775.    He served through the
       whole of that arduous struggle for liberty and was in many of the most important battles. 
       He was one of the most respected and first settlers of Franklin (then including part of
       Granville), having resided in that place 19 years.  He has 12 children, all of whom have lived
       to have families of their own and to an advanced age.   He was a Private in the
       Revolutionary War in the Company of Captain Higgins of Haddam, CT.   This Company  
       was in the William Douglas’ 5th Battalion, Wadsworth’s Brigade raised in June 1776
       to reinforce Washington’s Army in N.Y.  He was in the battles of Long Island and White

      Timothy, son of Oliver and Hannah, was born in 1777 and he married Eleanor Harris of Barrington, Massachusetts.   They settled in LeRoy Township, PA and were the parents of 10 children.

      Samuel, youngest child of Timothy and Eleanor, was a shoemaker by trade and most of his life worked on the bench in LeRoy.  He married Adeline White and they were the parents of 6 children.

      Manning, fifth child of Samuel and Adeline, was born in 1831 and died in 1901.  Manning served in Company “C”, 132nd PA Infantry during the Civil War.  He married Mary Jane Savage who was born in New York State.   Manning and Mary had 10 children, the youngest named Silas who was born in 1881.

      Silas Bailey, after the death of his mother, was enrolled in August of 1893 as a student in the Soldiers’ Orphan School of Harford, PA.    Here he was mistreated and, when he was finally discharged from the school, being of age, he quickly returned and “beat up” the man who had beaten him.   Silas married Myrtle Northrup, daughter of Walter and Arletta Northrop Northrup.
To them were born Walter, Robert and Bernice Bailey.

The Bailey name is known far and wide in Bradford County, PA and thousands of people can trace their lineages to Oliver and Hannah Scoville Bailey.


The ancestry of Oliver Bailey can be found in the book entitled “John Bailey and Some Of His Descendents” by L.M. Dewey.  

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