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       The bane of many a genealogist is the proverbial brick wall one reaches when one can go no further in ancestral research.  The old motto “go under, over, around or through” this brick wall has been in mind with my every attempt to learn of the ancestry of William Young Burke.  It is now hoped there is a reader who may have the vital information that is so lacking in my quest to find the ancestors of this man.

       William Young Burke was born 15 November 1785 and died 27 December 1841 and resided in an area known as “Sassafras Neck” in Berkeley County, present-day West Virginia.  On the 17th of March 1811 William was married to Elizabeth Hully (Holly) by the Reverend Reebenack.

        Children of this marriage were:

                1.  Catherine born 1811 married William Jack on 1 January 1833 in Berkeley County,
                             West Virginia

                2.  John born 1816 and died 12 March 1866 married Jane Wood

                3.  William Burke born either 1818 or 1826 married Harriet Ward(s) on 1 January

                4.  Ann Elizabeth born 1 August 1829 and died 14 October 1867 married John Gonter

        There are several descendants of William Young Burke who have researched this line for years and could not find proof of William’s ancestry.  It has been most frustrating for anyone working on this line.  Any clues or information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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