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        John I. Cook and his wife Catherine _______ were married about 1813 in Montgomery County, N.Y.   John was born 2 September 1794 in N.Y and died 2 November 1860.  Catherine was born 9 August 1791 and died 25 June 1857.   Both are buried in Cook Cemetery, Town of Hornby in Steuben County, N.Y.

        John and Catherine Cook were the parents of Nancy, Catherine Maria, and John Peak Cook.

        Nancy Cook was born 31 August 1815 in Montgomery County, N.Y. and died 6 July 1885 in Hornby, N.Y.   She married John Roof, Jr. born 1814 in Montgomery County, N.Y. and died 25 October 1867 in Hornby, N.Y.   Their children were: Erastus Roof, born 30 November 1839/40, died 1841; Catherine Roof, born 22 May 1842; Fanny Roof, born 1844 and died 1864; and Jane/Jennie Roof, born 1846.
        Their daughter Catherine Roof, born 1842, died 6 September 1877.   She married Aaron     Vosburgh, born 21 September 1837 in Montgomery County, N.Y. and died 21 March 1926 in Beaver Dams, Schuyler County, N.Y.  Aaron was the son of _____ Vosburgh and his wife Margaret_____.
        Catherine and Aaron are buried in the Beaver Dams Cemetery.

        Catherine Maria Cook was born 5 May, 1819 in Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, N.Y.
She married 30 June 1846 Benjamin Haines/Haynes who was born circa 1818.  No further information.

        John Peak Cook was born 24 November 1824 in N.Y. and died 15 November 1886.  He married circa 1846 Lana Ann Sitterly who was born 1 October 1827 and died 6 August1889.  Both are buried in the Cook Cemetery, Hornby, N.Y.

         John Peak and Lana Ann Sitterly Cook were the parents of David E., John C., Catherine, George Wellington, Frank, Benjamin H., Mary, and Anna Mae Cook.

         David E. Cook, born 27 March 1848, married Ella Radley in 1882.  David died in 1919 and Ella died in 1958.   Both are buried in Post Creek Cemetery, Town of Catlin,  Chemung County, N.Y.    They had 3 children: John P. Cook born November 1885, Bertha Cook born March 1888 and Mary E. Cook born January of 1890.

         John C. Cook, born 5 March 1850, died 7 November 1892 in Neal, Kansas.
         Catherine Cook, born 8 March 1852, married Abram Cornelius Fero, son of Abram Fero and his wife Catherine Arnse.   Abram Cornelius was born 27 July 1847 in Hornby, Steuben County, N.Y. and died 7 December 1923 in Corning, Steuben County, N.Y.  Catherine and Abram Cornelius are buried in Central Valley Cemetery, Hornby, N.Y.   They were the parents of Carrie Fero, born 22 September 1875 and died 5 December 1925, buried in  Hope Cemetery, Corning, Steuben County, N.Y.  Carrie married Harry S. VanEtten of Rose Hill, Gibson, N.Y.
        He was the son of Robert and Esther Woolever VanEtten; and Nellie Jane Fero born 20 December 1876 and died 18 October 1898.  Nellie is buried in Central Valley Cemetery, Hornby, N.Y.

         George Wellington Cook was born 25 February 1854.
         Frank Cook was born 1 February 1856 and died 18 April 1862.

         Benjamin H. Cook was born 1 December 1858 and he married Catherine Mangan.  Their children were: veronica, Philip, Lana, John, Margie, and Lizzie Cook.

         Mary Cook was born 28 June 1861 and died 6 July 1861.

         Anna Mae Cook was born 30 June 1863 and died 27 April 1935.  She married Edgar Hilton.  They are buried in Belmont Cemetery, Town of Orange, Schuyler County, N.Y.   They were the parents of: Lorena, Clifton and Lana Hilton.

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