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        The Eaton family of Thurston, Steuben County, N.Y. traces its lineage back to a Jeduthan Eaton and Nancy Stone Eaton of New Hampshire.   Jeduthan was the son of David Eaton II, born 4 August 1738 and died 1820, and his wife Abigail Curtis born 1749 and died 13 September 1829.   Nancy Stone Eaton was the daughter of Jeremiah Eaton.
        Jeduthan and Nancy Stone Eaton were the parents of eleven children who were born in Vermont.  They were: Julia born 1802, David born 1804, Jeduthan born 1806, Hiram born 1808, Eliza born 1812, Mariah born 1813, Jeremiah born 1814, Nancy born 1816, Jane born 1818, Amanda born 1823 and Adeline born 1825.
        Hiram Eaton, born in Vermont in 1808, married Ruth Andrus who was born in 1812 in Onondaga County, N.Y. a daughter of Charles and Lucinda Davis Andrus.  (Lucinda was a full-blood Mohawk Indian.)  Hiram and Ruth Eaton went to Michigan in the early 1830s with his parents, his brothers, and his wife’s parents.  Their first two children, Charles William Eaton and Emeline Eaton, were born in Michigan.   Hiram and Ruth with their 2 oldest children returned to New York State accompanied by Ruth’s parents.  (In Michigan Hiram and Ruth lost two children to an epidemic so the “glow” of Michigan wore off and they decided to head back home.)  However, his parents remained in Michigan and Jeduthan Eaton died there and was buried in the Stony Creek Cemetery in Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, N.Y.  His widow, Nancy, died in June of 1872 and was buried in the East Amboy Cemetery, Camden, Hillsdale County, Michigan.
         The Hiram Eaton family settled near Wheeler in Steuben County before making Thurston, N.Y. its permanent residence circa 1850.   Two more children were born to them, a son Hiram Edwin and a daughter Rosella.   Hiram Eaton died before 1860 and his wife Ruth died in 1892.  Both are believed buried in the Eaton plot of the Village Cemetery in Thurston.

         1.   Charles William Eaton aka William Charles Eaton married Phebe Dyer.   Their children were: William T., Phebe, Julius, Marilla, Julius Virgil, Eva and Edith.
           a)    William T. Eaton married Frances Sisson and they were the parents of Edith, Julia,
                   and William Herbert.                
                   1)  Edith, born 1896, married Gilbert Simpson
                   2)  Julia, born1897, married Earl Hough
                   3)  William Herbert, born 1909, married Alma Coon. They had a son Herbert who
                   died in 1943.
           b)    Phebe
           c)    Julius born 1856 and died 1861
           d)    Marilla born 1858
           e)    Julius Virgil born 1862 and died 1947, married and had a son Allan C. Eaton
           f)     Eva Myrtle born 1866
           g)     Edith Estelle born 1870


         2.   Emeline Eaton married Warner Eddy Aldrich and they were the parents of eight children:  Bert I, Bert II, Dora, Hiram, Stephengina, Lavinia, Guy and Fay Aldrich.
          a)  Bert I, died from illness while an infant
          b)  Bert II
          c)  Dora, was a schoolteacher and died in 1859, buried Thurston Village Cemetery
          d)  Hiram, born 1869, married Effie Stickler and had six children: Claude Duncan, Gladys,
                Dora, Earl Richard, Fay Clifford, and Charles Aldrich
          e)  Stephengina married a Mr. Fulkerson and resided in Hammondsport, N.Y.
          f)  Lavinia married William Wood of Campbell, N.Y. and had two children, William
               and Dora
          g)  Guy was called “Muse”
          h)  Fay was killed during World War I while serving with the Merchant Marine

     3.  Edwin Hiram aka Hiram Edwin married Laura Wilber and they were the parents of
          five children.  (This branch settled in Cattaraugus County, N.Y.)
          a)  Marshall
          b)  Hiram, married and had two children: Vivian and Harry
          c)  Howard, married and had two children: Merle and Laura
          d)  Henry married and had two children: Jennie and Viola
          e)  Horace

     4.  Rosella married Guilford Wilber, a brother of Laura Wilber and they had four children.
          (This branch settled in Chenango County, N.Y.)
         a)  Willis F.
         b)  Charles born 1877
         c)  Hoxie born 187_
         d)  Myrtie born 1879  

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