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The People of the State of New York:

To all persons interested in the estate of Andrew Failing late of the Town of Arcadia, County of Wayne and State of New York, deceased, send greeting.

Whereas Daniel Failing executor of the last will and testament of Andrew Failing deceased has made application to Graham U. Chapin, Surrogate of the said county, for a final settlement of his accounts and prayed for a citation to all persons interested in the estate of the said deceased to appear and attend such settlement.  You are each and every one of you, therefore, required to appear before our said Surrogate at his office in the Town of Lyons in the County of Wayne on the second Monday in June at ten o’clock in the morning to attend the settlement of the account of the said executor.

Given under the hand and seal of office of our said Surrogate at Lyons in said County on the twenty sixth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty three.

Graham U. Chapin, Surrogate


I admit due service of a copy of the written citation.  Dated May 5th 1833

George R. Failing
Peter Failing
John A. Failing
Isaac Soneshill
James M. Carn
Andrew Failing

Wayne County:

         George R. Failing being duly sworn deposeth and saith that the aforegoing admission of service of the written citation is signed in the proper hand writing of each of the above named persons, to wit, George R. Failing, Peter Failing, John A. Failing, Isaac Soneshill, James M. Carn and Andrew Failing and further he saith not.

Subscribed and sworn
this 10th day of                                                                   George R. Failing
June 1833 before
me     G. U. Chapin, Surrogate

Schedule A:

The following is a statement of the debts against the estate of Andrew Failing deceased, paid by Daniel Failing his executor.

Gabriel Rogers                              Seth Smith                             John S. Gayler
William Teller                               E. & B. Johnson (2)               J. B. Pierce
William Voorhies                          Gaylord Blair (1)                   Pierce & Peck
Taft & Richmond                          John Crowl                             Robert Holmes
Daniel Creager                              Gaylord Blair (2)                    Jeremiah Brown  
Newel Taft                                    Eleazur Mighells                    Graham U. Chapin
E. & B. Johnson (1)                      James Miller Jr.                      Peter Perrine

Add to the above the expenses of the executor and his percentage,
Surrogate fees on final settlement for a total of $365.59 in debts.


Schedule B:

An account of the sales of the personal property of Andrew Failing deceased.

North piece of wheat adjoining the creek
East piece of wheat
West piece of wheat and rye
One 2 horse sleigh
One mare
One horse colt
One harrow
One mare
Three whipple trees and 3 clea---
One set of traces harness lines and head stalls
One cow
One steer
One bull
Two yearling steer
Ten hogs or swine
One 2 horse wagon
One neck yoke
One 5 pail rettle and one 3 pail rettle
Two casks
One dung fork
One grindstone
One fanning mill
Two baskets
Three pitch forks
Twelve bushels of corn
Five bushels of oats
Hay in the barn
Wry/rye straw in barn
One chest
One plough with cl----- trim and whippletree
Scantling and old boards
Lott of hemlock boards
Lott of –th boards
One lot of harness for 2 horses
Lot of brick
Two barrels with salt therein
Lott of pine boards
Two axes
One dung shovel
Two beetle ----- and 2 wedges
One log chain
One host ax
Lott of old iron
One drawing knife and hammer
One trowel
One hand saw
One saddle and 2 bridles
Two iron hoops and nail
One cross cut saw
Three casements of window sash
One grain cradle and scythe
One grass scythe and stick
One hand with old fragments of harness
One clock
One great coat
One frock coat
Six kitchen chairs
One bureau
Two calves
Two hoes 1 pick and one axe
One field sown with oats
One pair of andirons shovel and trough
Two flax hatchels
One shovel plough
Four cider barrels
Two meat casks
One barrel of vinegar
Two keelers
One bush scythe
One keg
Value: $518.47

Schedule C:

Statement of the ----- collected by the Executor of the estate of Andrew Failing deceased or which he has approved and stands charged with:

One note signed WilliamYoung
Note signed Daniel Failing
Note signed Andrew Failing
Total: $148.74


Total amount of monies ------ by the Executor of the last will of the deceased from his estate
$667.21- $365.59 = $301.62

Leaving a balance in the hand of Daniel Failing the said executor the sum of three hundred and one dollars and sixty two cents.
Which sum last mentioned is ordered to be distributed according to the directions contained in the last will and testament of the said deceased.

The testimony whereof the said Surrogate hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal of office at Lyons in said county this 1st day of January 1834. G. U. Chapin, Surrogate

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