Grandma's Cabin, Genealogy by Nancy Machuga


     Life was harsh in days gone by and, often, it was far too short as seen by the numerous gravestones placed in memory of children.  Early people found great comfort from life’s cruelties with engraved expressions of their sorrow.  The following epitaphs have been gleaned from stones in cemeteries in the Twin Tiers area of New York State.

                                                      CHEMUNG COUNTY

Marsh Cemetery:
                              Solomon Moore died 1835
                              “My glass is cut
                               My race is run
                               My work in Christ
                               Completely done.”

                              Lucy Parke died 1838
                              “Death is a debt to nature due
                              Which I have paid
                              And so must you.”

                                                    SCHUYLER COUNTY

County Line Cemetery:
                               Elizabeth Bills died 1815, aged 1 yr. 11 mos. 11 dys
                              “O, what a happy throng
                               Of babes to Heaven ascend
                               Betsy is there and joins the song
                               Which nevermore shall end.”

Hall Cemetery:
                              Robert Hall died 1836, aged 52 yrs. 2 mos. 20 dys
                              “My children dear, assemble here
                               A father’s grave to see
                               Not long ago I dwelt with you
                               But soon you’ll dwell with me.”

                              Phebe Hall died 1869, aged 83 years
                              “She is gone to the land where the heart
                               Enjoys the sweet rapture of sacred repose
                               She has quitted forever this wilderness drear
                               And bids farewell to time and its woes.”

                              Almira A. Hall died 1839 aged 13 years
                             “Why do we mourn for dying friends
                              Or shake at death’s alarms
                               is but the voice that Jesus sends
                              To call you to His arms.”

     These epitaphs reflect a melancholy expression typical of the 1800s.  Due to time, many epitaphs are now illegible and lost forever.  It would be nice to copy down any inscriptions that one finds to prevent loss of this gravestone history.

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