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        Michael Fessman born in Alsace died circa 1828 in the New London/Churchville area of the Town of Verona, Oneida County, N.Y.   He was killed from a fall from a horse shortly after arriving in America.  He left behind his wife Christina Fessman and 5 children.
       Christina Fessman, maiden name unknown, was born in Alsace on 14 December 1790 and died in the Town of Verona 14 October 1876, aged 86 years and 10 months.  She is buried in the cemetery beside St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Churchville, Oneida County, N.Y.
       Children:  (4 known)
              1.   Catherine: born1814 in Alsace.   She married Michael Walter who was born 1804    
                                      and died 19 July 1859.   Both are buried in St. Peter’s Lutheran Church  
                                      Cemetery,  Churchville, N.Y.   Their children were:
                                               a)  Caroline: born 1836, married Mr. Henekes/Henches, and they
                                                     had a son Christian, born 1860/1
                                               b)  Louisa: born 1843
                                               c)  Michael: born 1852
              2.   Anna: born 1817, and she died after 1880.  She married Martin Senn, born 1806,
                                      Died after 1880.  Both are buried in St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
                                       Cemetery,  Churchville, N.Y.  Children:
                                                a)  George: born 1837
                                                b)  Martin: born 1839
                                                c)  Frederick: born 1841, died 1926.  He married Sophronia,
                                                     maiden name unknown.  Children:
                                                             1.  Arthur: born 1864
                                                             2.  Anna M.: born 1866
                                                             3.  Carrie B.: born 1869
                                                d)  Caroline: born 1843, died 1930.   She married Christian
                                                      Gleasman and had 10 children:
                                                             1.  Flora: born 1864
                                                             2.  Emma: born 1866
                                                             3.  Ada: born 1868
                                                             4.  Olive: born 1870
                                                             5.  Justus: born 1873
                                                             6.  Caroline: born 1876
                                                             7.  Herbert: born 1879
                                                             8.  Laura: born 1880
                                                             9.  Victor: born 1882
                                                           10.  Elmer: born 1887
                                                e)  Jacob: born 1845 and died 1891
                                                f)   Anna Mary: born 1847 and died 1862
                                                g)  Elizabeth: born 1856
                                                h)  Edward: born 1858 and died 1912.  He married Carrie,
                                                      maiden name unknown.
               3.  Christian: born 1822 and died 1892.  He married Louis Unger.  Known children:
                                                  a)  Ada: born 1857
                                                  b)  George: born 1859
                4.  Philip: born 1826 and died 1859.

This record of the Fessmans is not complete but what information was gathered was from census records and cemetery lists. 

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