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     The early New York State census records afford us a glimpse into the past, showing us the many vocations pursued by the people of long ago.  We are also fortunate to learn the origins of these early settlers.  For historical and genealogical purposes census information is invaluable to researchers.
      The following statistics are taken from the 1855 New York State census for the Town of Orange in Schuyler County, N.Y.
      Occupation and number engaged:  Farmer, 383; Servant, 74; Carpenter, 20; Shoemaker, 9;
Blacksmith, 7; Boatman, 7; Tailor/ess, 7; Tanner, 7; Teacher, 6; Physician, 5 (Drs. Barnes, Bell, Hibbard, Nichols and Shannon); Cooper, 5; Clerk, 4; Mason, 4; Sawyer, 4; Merchant, 4; Peddlar,  3; Clergyman, 3 (2 Presbyterians and 1 Methodist);  Millwright, 2; Engineer. 2; Painter, 2; Milliner, 2; Mechanic, 2; Laborer, 2; Landlord, 2; Wagon Maker, 2; Broker/Exchanger,1; Constable, 1; Surveyor, 1; Lumberman, 1; Clothier, 1; Sailor, 1; Miller, 1; Contractor, 1; Justice, 1; Wheelwright, 1;  Harness Maker, 1; and Jeweler, 1.
     Birthplace (Excluding New York state): Ireland, 120; New Jersey, 92; Massachusetts, 49; England 37; Connecticut, 37; Pennsylvania, 37; Vermont,30; Delaware, 9; New Hampshire, 6; Ohio, 5; Rhode Island, 5; Maryland, 4; Canada, 3; Scotland, 2; Maine, 1; Virginia, 1; Michigan, 1; Illinois, 1; “No Where”, 1.  (John Jacoby, age 46, listed his birthplace as such).
     From 1855 until today many of the occupations still exist while during that same time period several became obsolete.
     Today, as in the past, many of the town’s residents were born out-of-state or were foreign-born.  The diversity of 1855 does not reflect in today’s population where a huge majority are U.S. born.

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