Grandma's Cabin, Genealogy by Nancy Machuga


   1.  Rebecca Paine 1860-1937, married Samuel Reuel Hazen

   2.  Francis Midgette Paine 1826-1901                   Parents
   3.  Rebecca Meekins 1826-1910

   4.  Richard Sanderson Paine
   5.  Esther Midgette
   6.  Jeremiah Meekins                                              Grandparents
   7.  Rebecca Midgette

   8.  Thomas George Paine, Jr.
   9.  Dorcas Midgette
 10.  Francis Midgette
 11.  Elizabeth O’Neal                                                Great-grandparents
 12.  Roger Meekins
 13.  Elizabeth Margaret Midgette
 14.  Daniel Midgette
 15.  Rebecca Sparrow

 16.  Thomas George Paine, Sr.
 17.  Mary Midgette
 18.  Francis Midgette
 19.  Elizabeth Stevenson
 20.  Richard Etheridge Midgette
 21.  Dorothy Farrow
 22.  unknown                                                              Great-great-grandparents
 23.  unknown
 24.  William B. Meekins
 25.  Elizabeth Pattison
 26.  unknown
 27.  unknown
 28.  Thomas Midgette
 29.  Bethany Bannister Farrow
 30.  Samuel Sparrow
 31.  Sarah Bustin


Known ancestors with their corresponding numbers:  Names often repeat as cousins married cousins.

 34.  Thomas Midgette
 35.  Bethany Bannister Midgette
 36.  Thomas Midgette
 37.  Bethany Bannister Midgette
 38.  John Stevenson                                            Great-great-great-grandparents
 39.  Bridget Jarvis
 40.  Joseph White Midgette
 41.  Elizabeth Margery O’Neal
 42.  Francis Farrow
 43.  Esther unknown
 48.  Richard Meekins Jr.
 49.  Sarah unknown
 50.  Jacob Pattison
 58.  Daniel Farrow
 59.  Bethany Judith Bannister

 70.  Daniel Farrow
 71.  Bethany Judith Bannister
 78.  Samuel Jarvis                                               Great-great-great-great-grandparents
 79.  Bridget Taylor
 96.  Richard Meekins, Sr.
 97.  Johanna unknown
100. Thomas Pattison
101. Ann Halliman

To use chart, count Rebecca Paine as 1, double that number to get the name of her father and double plus one names her mother.  All males have even numbers and females have odd numbers.

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