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Some Ancestors and Descendants

Information about the first eight generations of Rhoda Cogswell’s ancestry is from the book entitled “The Cogswells in America” by E. O. Jameson.

      I.  Edward and Alicia (____) Cogswell of Wilts, England

     II.  John Cogswell, son of Edward and Alicia, was born in 1592 in Westbury Leigh,
          Wilts, England and he married, in 1615, Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. William and
          Phyllis (_____) Thompson.  It was John and Elizabeth Thompson Cogswell that
          emigrated from England to America in 1635 where they settled in Ipswich, Mass.
          John died in 1669 and Elizabeth died in 1676.

   III.  William Cogswell, son of John and Elizabeth, was born in 1619 and he married in 1649
          Susannah Hawkes, daughter of Adam and Anne Hutchinson Hawkes.   They resided in
          Ipswich, Mass. where he died in 1700 and she died prior to 1696.

   IV.  William Cogswell, son of William and Susannah Hawkes Cogswell, was born in 1659 in
          Ipswich, Mass. and he married in 1685, Martha, daughter of  Rev. John and Ruth
          Symonds Emerson.   William Cogswell died in 1708.
    V.  Edward Cogswell, son of William and Martha Emerson Cogswell, was born in 1686
          in Gloucester. Mass.   In 1708 he married Hannah Brown.   In 1735 Edward and Hannah
          Brown Cogswell settled in Preston, Ct.  In 1747 they moved to New Milford, Ct. where
          she died in 1771 and he died in 1773.

   VI.  Samuel Cogswell, son of Edward and Hannah Brown Cogswell, was born in 1710 in
          Ipswich, Mass.   He married Lydia Starkweather and they resided for a time in Preston, Ct.
          They later moved to New Milford, Ct.

  VII.  Edward Cogswell, son of Samuel and Lydia Starkweather Cogswell, was born in 1735
           in Preston, Ct.   He married Jane Owen in April of 1758.  Edward and Jane resided in
          New Milford, Ct. where he died in 1808.

 VIII.  Reuel Cogswell, son of Edward and Jane Owen Cogswell, was born in 1769 in New
           Milford, Ct.  He married Rhoda, daughter of Peabody and Rhoda (_____) Smith. 
           Reuel Cogswell died in 1828.

   IX.   Rhoda Cogswell, daughter of Reuel and Rhoda Smith Cogswell, was born 26 November
           1806 in New Preston, Ct.  In 1833 she was married to Harley Hazen who was born in
           1809 in German Flats, NY a son of Samuel and Sally Stone Hazen.  Harley and Rhoda
           Hazen resided in several different counties in New York State including Monroe,
          Schuyler, Chemung and Steuben.  Sometime after 1850 Harley and Rhoda separated.
          He returned to Monroe County near Parma and Rochester while Rhoda resided with her
          eldest son Daniel W. Hazen in Post Creek, Catlin, Chemung County, NY.   During the
          Civil War, Harley Hazen enlisted as a musician with the 140th NY Vols.  His youngest son
          Samuel R. Hazen enlisted with him as a Private in the same regiment.
          After 1860, Rhoda went to live with her daughter Esther A. Hazen Ryder of Ossining,
          NY.   Harley went to Michigan to reside and he married Sally Preston.  He and Sally
          died in Baldwin, Michigan and were buried in Pleasant Plains Township Cemetery.
          Harley died in 1880.  His first wife Rhoda died in 1887 and was buried in the Ryder
          family plot in Maple Dale Cemetery.  (A note:  in the 1880 census for NYS Rhoda
          declared herself “a widow” although Harley was recorded on the Michigan census as alive.
          Whether  Harley and Rhoda divorced is not known.  She may have preferred calling
          herself a widow instead of a divorcee.  However, there is reason to believe Harley
          may have left NYS never bothering to get a divorce.  If so, the second marriage would
          not have been recognized in New York.   Harley and Rhoda Cogswell Hazen were the
          parents of four children:
          1.    Daniel Webster: born 1836, married 1st Mary A. Sherman in 1867 in Chambers, NY.
                         He married 2nd  Marion B. Jones in 1871 in Chambers, NY.  Daniel married
                         3rd Charlotte Elizabeth Cronk Randall of Monroe County, NY.  After her
                         death, Daniel married 4th Amelia Ostrander Bucher of Chambers, NY who was
                         the widow of his cousin Johnson C. Bucher.  Daniel and Charlotte had one
                         son, Frank Levi Hazen, born 1875.

         2.    Esther Anne: born 1838, married Bartholomew Ryder who was a prison guard in
                         Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY.  Two children: Charles and Bertha

         3.    Mark Sibley: born 1840 in Catharine, Schuyler County, NY.  He married in 1867
                         Emma Wetherall, daughter of Ansel and Amelia Whitford Wetherall of
                         Chambers, NY.  Mark served with the 188th NY Vols. during the Civil
                         War.  Mark and Emma resided in Chambers (once known as Kendall Station)
                         their entire lives.  In June 1888 Mark Sibley Hazen died unexpectedly when
                         he was mortally injured while operating his portable sawmill on his cousin’s
                         (Charles Sherwood Frost) farm off the Backer Road in the Town of Catlin,
                         Chemung County, NY.  Mark and Emma Wetherall Hazen were the
                         parents of Estella Esther Hazen born in 1868.  Estella married William Lane of
                         Hornby, NY.  They had no children.   Mark and Emma Hazen are buried in
                         Savory Cemetery, Chambers, NY. along with their daughter Estella and her
                         husband and Emma’s parents and grandparents.

         4.    Samuel Reuel: born 1844 in Catharine, Schuyler County, NY.  Samuel married
                        1st  Emma Dygert Stevens in 1873 and they divorced in 1875.  He married
                        2nd  in 1879 Rebecca Paine of North Carolina.  Rebecca was the daughter of
                        Francis Midgette Paine and his wife Rebecca Meekins.  Samuel served in
                        the 140th NY Vols. during the Civil War fighting in 18 battles and skirmishes.
                        Samuel died 3 November 1917 in Alba, PA after suffering a second stroke.
                       His son Alvin dug his grave, nearly freezing his hands, in Savory Cemetery,
                       Chambers, NY. 
                       Beside Samuel lie his granddaughter, Ethel Dembey, his daughter Juniatta
                       Hazen Dembey and his son-in-law Harvey H. Dembey.   Children of
                       Samuel and Rebecca Paine Hazen:

                                1.  Julian E. born 1880, Stumpy Point, NC
                                2.  Juniatta D. born 1885, Stumpy Point, NC
                                3.  Alvin L. C. born 1892, Chicamacomico, (Rodanthe) NC

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