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     It has long been an interesting story in my branch of the Hazen family told by my Grandfather Alvin Leman Castevens Hazen of Wanchese, NC about his Yankee-Rebel ancestry.
     Alvin’s parents were Samuel and Rebecca Paine Hazen.  Samuel had been a veteran of the Civil War and had met young Rebecca when he went on a hunting trip with some Confederate veterans of the War in 1876.   It seems he had made friends with some North Carolinian soldiers  sometime after the Weldon Railroad raid and had kept up a correspondence with them long after the war had ended.  In January 1879 Samuel married his southern belle Rebecca and they lived  in North Carolina near the villages of Stumpy Point  and Rodanthe where their family grew with the addition of three children.  Samuel had been a mason and found work very easily in North Carolina.  This Yankee was very popular with the Outer Bankers of whom some had supported the Northern cause during the War of the Rebellion.  Samuel Hazen was appointed the 2nd postmaster for Stumpy Point, NC.
     In 1904 Samuel, Rebecca and their children moved back to Samuel’s birth state, New York.
They first settled in Corning, and then in Painted Post.   Samuel was now in his seventies and had health problems that limited his activities.  His primary source of enjoyment was being a member of the Grand Army of the Republic where the “olden days” and “the war” were  discussed with great enthusiasm.
     Alvin was particularly proud that not only had his father served but also his grandfather Harley Hazen had too.  Young Samuel had enlisted first and when he told his father, Harley decided to go to keep an eye on his younger son.  Both enlisted in the 140th NYV of Rochester, NY.  Samuel was not quite 18 and Harley was 53, well over the legal age of enlistment.  They were both assigned to “G” Company and as Privates.  Harley was listed as a Musician.  Both were at the battle of Little Round Top at Gettysburg, PA.

Harley Hazen: was born in NY 6 September 1809 and died in Baldwin, Michigan on 9 September 1880.  He served with the 140th NYV in the Civil War, enlisting on 30 August 1862, seeing action in its baptism of fire at the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA in December 1862.  He served with this regiment to the end of the war.  He participated in the Grand Review of the Army marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in April 1865.  He was honorably discharged 6 June 1865 having seen action in 17 battles and skirmishes.

Samuel Hazen: was born in NY 31 October 1844 and died 3 November 1917 in Alba, PA.  He enlisted first on 30 August 1862 at Rochester to serve with the 140th NYV.  He served almost 3 years with “G” Company under Col. E. S. Otis.  He served at Gettysburg with the 140th NY as it was deployed up to Little Round Top to repel a Confederate onslaught.  He was promoted from Private to Color Corporal at the Battle of Cold Harbor, VA in June 1864.  He was also Orderly Sergeant of his company for a period of 3 months in 1864.  He, too, was honorably discharged 6 June 1865 after participating in the Grand Review and having seen action in 18 battles and skirmishes.

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