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        Quite often in genealogical research the female ancestry is given little or no attention thus a researcher loses a plethora of new ancestors from the maternal lines of the family.  All too frequently a family historian will locate an ancestor only to learn the name of the male parent and to find there is no information about the mother.  If one has good luck a first name may be found but with no surname.  It is because of the afore-mentioned situations that it is important to learn all one can about his or her ancestry.  Both male and female lineages are equally important when compiling an accurate family history.

        While researching the ancestry of my great-great-great-great-grandfather William Green Jr., I decided to further my research by concentrating my efforts into learning more about the ancestry of his wife Betsey Hudson who was born 5 July 1765 in Oakham, Massachusetts.  Betsey was the daughter of Joseph Hudson and his wife Hepsibah Foster Hudson and Betsey had married William Green Jr. on 12 November 1785.  Circa 1800 William and Betsey moved to Danby, Vermont where William died circa 1812 and Betsey died 3 August 1854 at age 89 years.  Both were buried in the Quaker-Nichols Farm Cemetery in Danby.

         Betsey’s parents’ families, the Hudsons and the Fosters, were originally from the Rutland and Marlborough, Massachusetts areas before they settled in Oakham.   Joseph Hudson, born 28 February 1730 in Marlborough, married Hepsibah Foster 30 June 1763 in Oakham.  (Nothing is known about Hepsibah’s ancestry including the fact researchers cannot prove if Foster was her maiden name or her married name prior to her marriage to Joseph.)

         Joseph and Hepsibah Foster Hudson settled in the Coldbrook Springs area of Worcester County, Massachusetts.  It was here that Joseph held several town offices during the period of 1770 through 1776. After Hepsibah’s death Joseph married Abigail Williams 11 April 1779.  Joseph died before 6 December 1791, the date his will was proved.   Children of Joseph and Hepsibah Foster Hudson were:

         1.  Enos: born 1759, listed as a son in his Father’s will

         2.  Polly: born 9 January 1764

         3.  Betsey: born 5 July 1765, married William Green Jr.

         4.  Patty: born 20 June 1767

         5.  Adin:  born 27 February 1769

         Joseph Hudson (1730-1791) was the son of Seth Hudson and his wife Mary Whipple of Marlborough, Massachusetts.   Seth, born circa 1695, was the son of Nathaniel Hudson and his wife Rebecca Rugg.

         Mary Whipple, born 1699, was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah Hutchinson Whipple.
(Further research suggests this Hutchinson line traces back to the Mayflower Brewster family.)
Children, all born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, of Seth and Mary Whipple Hudson were:

         1.  Seth: born 1728

         2.  Joseph: born 1730, married Hepsibah Foster

         3.  Mary: born 1732

         4.  Susanna: born 1735

         5.  Enos: born 1738

         6.  Sarah: born circa 1740

         7.  Ezra: born 1744

         8.  Jerusha: born 1748

         Genealogical research can be fraught with various emotions such as happiness at the discovery of a new ancestor or sadness at the finding of a family tragedy.  While researching the family history of Nathaniel Hudson, the latter emotion was clearly evident.

         Nathaniel Hudson was born in the month of March 1651 in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts a son of Daniel Hudson and his wife Joanna White.  Daniel Hudson had been born circa 1618 in Kent, England and he came to America where he settled in Lancaster.  Daniel married Joanna White who had been born 11 September 1635 in Worcester County.  Daniel had been a soldier during King Philip’s War of 1675-1676.

         It was on 11 September 1697 that tragedy struck the Hudson family.  A surprise attack by a party of Indians at noontime resulted in the killing or capture of 25 settlers and the burning of two or three houses.  Among the numbers killed were Daniel and Joanna White Hudson; their daughters Elizabeth age 39 and Joanna age 37; and 2 grandchildren who were the children of their son Nathaniel Hudson suffered death in captivity. Daniel Hudson was 80 years old when he died and his wife Joanna was killed on her 64th birthday.   This horrible tragedy would haunt several generations of Hudsons and would, eventually, be forgotten by some of their descendants.  If not for researching a female line, this story would have remained forever lost.

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