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Information compiled from Manning Bailey’s Service Record,
Pension Application Affidavit, and Pension Application Supplemental.


Enlisted 2 July 1862 in Canton, Bradford County, PA and was enrolled as a Private in Company “C”, 132nd Regiment of Pennsylvania.  His personal description: age 31 years, height 5 feet 10 inches, complexion light, hair and eyes black, born in Bradford County, PA, a farmer.  He later was enrolled on Co. “I”, 15th NY Engineers at age 33 years.

Manning Bailey’s name appeared on a Casualty Sheet for “C” Company, 132nd Regiment PA Infantry as having been wounded in the arm by a shell at the Battle of Chancellorsville on 2/3 May 1863.   After recovering from his injury Manning Bailey was transferred to “I” Company, 15th NY Engineers where he served as an artificer.

A general affidavit made by Manlius R. Morse in support of Manning Bailey’s pension application of 17 July 1897 stated: “Having known the claimant before the war and ever since, and saw the scar of a wound which claimant alleged was done in the service while fighting at Chancellorsville 1863 immediately on his return from the War, I also remember working with claimant soon after the service and knew him not to incur the compensation for wages as I did which was on account of his arm giving him pain.”      Manlius R. Morse, Le Roy, PA

On 12 January 1899 received a questionnaire from the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions and he made the following responses:

Manning Bailey was married on 24 November 1853 to Mary Jane Savage.   They were married in the Township of Monroe, Bradford County, PA by F. W. Wilson.   A marriage certificate and living witnesses could attest to the marriage.  He also stated that he was never married before nor since.  (Mary Jane died 2 February 1893.)

Manning Bailey listed the names and birthdates of his children:

          Emmett Bailey born 24 March 1855
          Lucy A. Bailey born 20 February 1857
          Flora M. Bailey born 27 May 1859
          Mary A. Bailey born 29 September 1861
          Reed D. Bailey born 26 February 1865
          Dorr K. Bailey born 15 June 1867
          Eliza J. Bailey born 19 November 1869
          Louie Bailey born 20 September 1875, died 28 October 1875
          Samuel A. Bailey born 27 February 1878
          Silas E. Bailey born 24 January 1881

Notice from the United States Pension Agency, Philadelphia, PA dated 28 February 1902:

Certificate No. 353384
Class: Invalid - 6/27/90
Pensioner: Manning Bailey
Service:  “C”, 132nd PA

I have the honor to report that the above-named pensioner who was last paid at $12 to Nov. 4, 1901 has been dropped because of Death.
S. A. Mulholland, U.S. Pension Agent

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