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          1840 Blossburg, Pennsylvania was home to Mary Jane Stratton and it was there, circa 1843, that she was united in marriage to Henry Stull.  Soon, thereafter, Henry and Mary Jane, accompanied by Henry’s brothers, traveled on horseback from Blossburg to Stull Ridge near Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania.  It was on this ridge on Joe Hill that each brother cleared land for a farm and raised his family.

          Henry and Mary Jane Stratton Stull became the parents of 4 sons and 7 daughters: Levi born 1844; Sarah born 1847; Clara born 1851; Emma born 1852; John born 1854; Jane born 1847; Lucy born 1859; Nettie born circa 1861; Jesse born circa 1864; Mollie born circa 1866 and Harry born circa 1868.

          Little is known about the ancestry of Mary Jane Stratton who was born in Bloss Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania on the 20th December 1826.  She was the daughter of David Stratton and his wife Sarah Endt/Ent.   David Stratton was born in 1808 in Pennsylvania and his wife Sarah was born circa 1809.  In the 1850 PA census Mary Jane was not listed in David’s household as she had already married.   David’s occupation was that of a miner.  Other children of David and Sarah Endt/Ent Stratton were: William born 1829; Elizabeth born 1831; John born 1832; Anna born 1837; Angeline born 1839; Charles born 1841; David born 1845, Henry born 1847 and, according to the 1860 census, a daughter Ella born 1853.

         A brother to David Stratton was Robert Stratton who was born circa 1800 in Pennsylvania and died after 1860.   Robert Stratton, a farmer, married Esther Dyer and they had a large family including a daughter, also named Mary Jane Stratton, who was born in 1828.  This Mary Jane married Anderson Bunn who was born in New Jersey in 1827 a son of Joseph Bunn and his wife Catherine Trimmer.  Joseph was born in 1807 in New Jersey and Catherine was born in 1806 in New Jersey.  Anderson Bunn and this Mary Jane Stratton were the parents of Jackson, Anna, Emma, Matilda Bunn and possibly other children.

         David and Robert Stratton were the sons of Maskell/Maskill Stratton who was born circa 1765, possibly in New Jersey, and his wife Mary Williams who was born circa 1780.  There is knowledge that Maskell Stratton once worked at Hopewell Furnace in Berks County, Pennsylvania and that he practiced several trades such as woodcutter and collier.

         Maskell’s wife Mary was the daughter of William and Rosena Lewis Williams of Berks County, Pennsylvania.  William Williams was born circa 1744 and died circa 1815. His wife Rosena was born circa 1747 in Berks County, Pennsylvania and was a daughter of Morgan Lewis (1718-1775) and his wife Hannah MNU (1722-1808).

         Maskell Stratton’s parentage is unknown but it thought there may be a connection to a Revolutionary War veteran named Lott Stratton who, at age 76 years in 1832, resided in Muncy Creek Township in Lycoming County, south of Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  In a pension application Lott Stratton indicated he was born 4 February 1756 in Deerfield Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey and, during the war, had served with his uncle Gillian Stratton.  He also stated that he had moved to Pennsylvania in 1787 where he resided in several different places.

         The Stratton lineage may trace back to New Jersey as did the lineage of the Stull family into which Mary Jane Stratton she married.


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