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A thirty-one year search, conducted by Charles H. McCormick, for the names of the parents of his ancestor George William McCormick has successfully concluded. This discovery required the assistance of several people, diligent detective work and considerable good luck.

George William McCormick who was born in 1809 in Pennsylvania was a son of William and Diana Catherine Dietrich McCormick of Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County , Pennsylvania . A listing of baptisms from church records confirmed George was their son and this same listing revealed the names of George's six other brothers.

1. Hector McCormick: born 4 December 1796, baptized 9 July 1797
Remained in PA

2. Alexander: born 4 September 1799, baptized 29 September 1799
No further information

3. Jacob: born 17 July 1800, baptized 7 December 1801
No further information

4. William: born 22 July 1802, baptized 22 August 1802
No further information

5. David: born 15 August 1804, baptized 21 August 1804
Resided Lake Ridge, Tompkins County , NY

6. John: born 2 August 1807, baptized 6 September 1807
No further information

7. George William: born 14 April 1809, baptized 24 April 1809
Resided Pulteney , NY

The McCormick name disappeared from Northampton church records after 1809 indicating a move to another area or state. The family history has stated that “ten McCormicks came over”, thus leaving room for speculation there was another family member, a possible eighth son. This son would have been born after the migration from Upper Mount Bethel and his birth would have been recorded elsewhere in either Pennsylvania or New York State . A candidate for the position of this possible brother is Levi McCormick, born 1817 in Pennsylvania , who resided near David McCormick in Lansing Township , Tompkins County , NY in 1840.

Although the quest for finding George William McCormick's parents has ended, a new search begins on the parentage of his father, William McCormick, who was born circa 1770, possibly in Pennsylvania . It is believed William died after 1820 probably in New York State .

George William's mother Diana Catherine Dietrich, who was born 1774, was the daughter of Johann Jacob Dietrich and his wife Maria Elizabeth Minier of Northampton County , Pennsylvania . Jacob Dietrich was born in Pennsylvania in 1744 and Elizabeth was born in 1751 in Pennsylvania . Their children were:
1. Elias Dietrich: born 1773 in Pennsylvania
2. Diana Catherine: born 1775 in Pennsylvania
3. Sarah: born 1777 in Pennsylvania
4.. Jacob: born 1784 in Pennsylvania
5. George: born 1786 in Pennsylvania

No definite proof has been found to connect the William and Catherine McCormick family of Northampton , Pennsylvania to the McCormicks that settled early in the Chemung, Steuben and Tompkins County , NY areas. It is believed the two groups, which included David and Levi plus a Jacob Miller McCormick in the Ithaca , NY area, may have been cousins but further research is necessary to prove any connection.

The following information concerning the McCormicks has been gleaned from census and cemetery records:

1850 New York Tompkins County Town of Lansing
David McCormic age 44 born Pennsylvania
Elizabeth age 45 born Tompkins County , NY
Annaliza age 12 born “ “ “
Glen age 11 born “ “ “
Jay age 9 born “ “ “
Adra age 7 born “ “ “
Catherine McCormic age 74 born Pennsylvania

1880 New York Tompkins County Town of Lansing
Jay McCormick age 38 born NY farmer
Adra age 29 born NY sister
Art age 33 born NY brother boatman
Katherine age 23 born NY sister-in-law
Louise age 2m born NY niece

The finding of “Catherine” was a pertinent clue in solving the McCormick puzzle as she appeared to be David's mother and she was born in PA. Speculation included the possibility of a McCormick father named William with a wife Catherine and a large family of sons. All three conditions were met with the finding of this Upper Mount Bethel, PA family.

Pine Grove/Ludlowville Cemetery in Tompkins County , NY was the final resting place of this McCormick branch. Three broken and illegible gravestones rest in the McCormick plot causing one to speculate that the elder McCormicks, William and Catherine, lie buried here with a son.

Phoebe Ann, 1 st wife of David, died 18 May 1832
Nancy, 2 nd wife of David, died 25 Jan/Jun 1837
Betsey, 3 rd wife of David
David McCormick died 22 November 1876, age 73ys 11ms and 25ds
William, son of David and Mary ( Nancy ) died 1834, an infant
Mortimer, son of David and Nancy died 23 August 1835
Err, son of David and Betsey, died 30 November 1844
Arthur McCormick
Kate Baker, wife of Arthur McCormick
Bessie McCormick died 1898, age 18

David McCormick and his family remained in the Lake Ridge area of Tompkins County , NY while his younger brother George William McCormick settled in the Pulteney, Steuben County , NY area. Levi, the possible youngest brother, may have gone to Indiana and died there. No one is certain what happened to Levi but his widow Electa A. McCormick died in 1890 at age 67 from complications of disease and was buried in the Cortland Rural Cemetery, Cortland, NY.

These McCormicks had many Northampton , PA relatives who also settled in the Chemung, Steuben and Tompkins County areas. The Dietrich family settled near Ithaca , NY and, today, the name is known as Teeter. Minier relatives settled in Chemung County , NY where the name is still well-known.

This information on the David Mccormick line and its connection with William and Catherine McCormick of Northampton County , PA was compiled by Charles H. McCormick, Jane Trotman, and Nancy Machuga.

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