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Steuben County, N.Y.

1850 N.Y. Census         Campbell Township         Meads Creek Road

The Clark Merrills Family resided along the Meads Creek Road in Campbell Township, north of Hopper’s Bridge and south of the Schuyler County line.

Clark Merrills          age 46        born Vermont                         (born 1802 and died 1877)
Sally Merrills           age 38        born Massachusetts              (born 1812 and died 1885)
 * 1.  Levi                age 15         born New York
    2.  John              age   8            “      “       “
    3.  Obed(iah)     age   6            “      “       “
    4.  Stephen        age   3            “      “       “

Clark and Sally Dyre Merrills are buried in the Chrisjohn Cemetery along Meads Creek Road in the Town of Orange, Schuyler County, N.Y.

Sally Dyer Merrills was the daughter of John and Sybil Weaver Dyer.

1870 N.Y. Census           Rathbone        Steuben County

*Levi Merrills                 age 34               born New York
  Diantha Merrills          age 33               born New York

    1.  Lorenzo                age   5               born New York

1880 N.Y. Census           Addison         Steuben County

*Levi Merrills                 age 44               born New York
  Diantha Merrills          age 42               born New York

    1.  Lorenzo.               age 15              born New York

1920 N.Y. Census          Addison          Steuben County

Lorenzo Merrill(s)         age 54
Elizabeth Merrill(s)       age 49      (daughter of James M. and Mary Jane __ Andrus)
    1.  Levi  Merrill(s)     age 30
    2.  Clarence              age 24       (wife Ethel age 22, daughter Martha age 1)
    3.  Carl                      age 14       (he later marries and has 3 sons and a daughter)

1930 N.Y. Census                       Painted Post                    Steuben County

Levi Merrill(s)                age 40
Anna Merrill(s)              age 30

    1.  Hazel Merrill(s)    age 14
    2.  Florence               age 12
    3.  Levi                       age   5
    4.  Donald                  age   2


Coopers Plains Cemetery          Coopers Plains, N.Y.        Steuben County


Archie D. Merrill               1884-1932
Carl F. Merrill                    1906-1970
Diantha Merrill                   1837-1890
Eglantine Merrill                1912-1955
Elizabeth Andrus Merrill   1871-1955
Lorenzo Merrill                  1864-1942
Martha Merrill                    1845-1931
Obed Merrill                       1844-1920


Elizabeth Andrus Merrill was the granddaughter of James Henderson Andrus and his wife Hester Mariah van Patten Andrus of Addison, N.Y.   James Henderson Andrus born 1814 and died 1903 was the son of Charles and Lucinda Davis Andrus.  Lucinda Davis Andrus was a full blood Mohawk Indian.

Clark Merrills born 1802 in Vermont was probably the son of Levi Merrills of 1800 Vermont or John Merrills of 1800 Vermont.  Both names, Levi and John, have been preserved in this branch of the family.

Various spellings of the Merrill name include:

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