Grandma's Cabin, Genealogy by Nancy Machuga

From Virginia to Maryland to Coastal North Carolina

     Mathew Midgette was born on 10 April 1676 in Bristol, Virginia, and he was a son of John and Catherine ____ Midgette.   In adulthood Mathew was a Boatwright in a shipyard near Annapolis, Maryland.

      On 13 July 1702, Mathew Midgette married Judith White who was born 3 August 1681, a daughter of Samuel White of Covewell, Maryland.

      Circa 1707, Mathew and Judith White Midgette left Maryland to settle in North Carolina residing in the area of Chowan Precinct.  Their two eldest children, Samuel Midgette born 1704 and John Midgette born 1707, accompanied them.

      By 1712 Mathew Midgette received several land patents in North Carolina including 341 acres in an area known as “White Oak Island” and 360 acres along the Alligator River near Chowan.  In 1715, he received another patent for 1500 acres along the southern shore of Albemarle Sound and, in 1717, he patented 200 acres on the “sand banks” in Currituck near Roanoke Inlet.  Mathew received another land patent in 1722 for 80 acres on  Bodie’s Island along North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

      Mathew Midgette died on Bodie’s Island in December 1734 and his wife Judith died there in September of 1744.  This couple left thousands of descendants in succeeding generations including the following children:

      1.  Samuel born 1704 and died 1780 at Bodie’s Island, NC
      2.  John born 1707 and died 1735 at Bodie’s Island, NC
      3.  Ann born 1709 and died 1732
  *  4.  Joseph White Midgette born 1712 and died 1771 at Chicamacomico (Rodanthe), NC
      5.  Mathew born 1715 and died 1739 off the Virginia Cape during a storm
      6.  Catherine born 1716
**  7.  Thomas born 1717 and died circa 1787
      8.  Judith born 1719
      9.  Dinah/Diana born 1721

  *Joseph Midgette, born 1712 and died 1771, married Elizabeth Margery O’Neal.  Their son
    Richard Etheridge Midgette was born 1736.  He married Dorothy Farrow, daughter of Francis    
    and Esther Farrow.

    Richard Etheridge and Dorothy Farrow Midgette were the parents of Francis Midgette who
    married Elizabeth O’Neal.  Their daughter Esther Midgette married Richard Saunderson

    Francis Midgette Paine, born 1826, a son of Richard Saunderson and Esther Midgette Paine
    married Rebecca Meekins, born 1826, a daughter of Jeremiah and Rebecca Midgette Meekins.
    Rebecca Paine, born 1860, a daughter of  Francis Midgette and Rebecca Meekins Paine,
    married Samuel Reuel Hazen born 1844, a son of Harley and Rhoda Cogswell Hazen.


**Thomas Midgette born 1717 and died circa 1787 married Bethany Banister.  Three of
    their children, a son Francis Midgette, a daughter Mary Midgette, and a son Daniel Midgette,
    had grandchildren who married each other, thus making this family very hard to sort out.
    In several generations, cousins married cousins to add to the confusion.  The following
    paragraphs will try to sort out the lines and show how they interweave.

    Francis Midgette married Elizabeth ______ and their daughter Dorcas Midgette married
    Thomas Paine, Jr.

    Mary Midgette married Thomas Paine, Sr. and they were the parents of Thomas Paine, Jr. who
    married Dorcas Midgette.

    From this marriage of 1st cousins, a son Richard Saunderson Paine was born.  Richard
    Saunderson Paine, of course, married Esther Midgette who was his 3rd cousin.

    Daniel Midgette married Rebecca Sparrow and their daughter Rebecca Midgette
    married Jeremiah Meekins who was the son of Roger Meekins and Elizabeth Margaret
    Midgette.    Jeremiah and Rebecca Midgette Meekins’ daughter Rebecca Meekins born 1826
    married Francis Midgette Paine born 1826, her 2nd cousin, once removed.

    Francis Midgette Paine and Rebecca Meekins Paine were the parents of Rebecca Paine, born
    1860, who married Samuel Reuel Hazen.  (see above)

    Samuel Reuel Hazen (1844-1917) and Rebecca Paine Hazen (1860-1937) were the parents of
    Julian Eder Hazen, born 1880, in Stump Point, NC, Juniatta Deane, born 1885, in Stumpy
    Point, NC and Alvin Leman Castevens Hazen born 1892 in Chicamacomico (Rodanthe), NC.

    Alvin L. C. Hazen (1892-1964) married Dora G. Aldrich (1898-1982) and they were the
    parents of:  (Alvin and Dora died in Wanchese, NC.)
   1.   Alson Leonard: born 1916 in Painted Post, NY, died NC
   2.   Gerald Aldrich born 1919 in Painted Post, NY, died NY
   3.   Claude DuWayne born 1921 in Painted Post, NY, died NY
   4.   Julian Erford born 1927 in Deckertown, Corning, NY, died NC
   5.   Faith Arlene born 1930 in Franklin, PA, died NC

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