Grandma's Cabin, Genealogy by Nancy Machuga

Town of Orange, Schuyler County, New York

Sarah M., wife of Warren Van Cordes
Died 30 December 1872, age 21 years

Hattie Sophia, daughter of Philander and Amanda Merrels
Died 13 September 1868, age 4 years

Ames, son of Bonney and unknown
Died 11 April 1862

Mary E. McGraw
Died 1872

Arthur Doane, Civil War Veteran

Abel Inscho
Died 10 May 1890, age 51 years

Watson Dawson
Died 13 January 1865, age 18 years

Mary L., wife (no surname)

John Dawson
Died 25, 1887, age 82 years

Benjamin Davenport
Died 12 October 1861, age 26 years

Hannah, daughter of Henry and Hannah Davenport
Died (illegible)

Henry Davenport, child
Died 1876, age 3 months

Mary, daughter of Henry and Hannah Davenport
Died 25 February 1871

Daniel Taylor

M. M. Materson/Malerson
Died 24 December 1888, age 76 years

Robert Raplee
Died 1847, age 3 years

Susanna, wife of Henry Keefer
Died 3 March 1848, age 52

William, son of L. and M. Keefer
Died age 2 years

Freeman, son of H. and Mary Benton
Died August 1863

Addison K. Randall
Sgt. Co. I, 86th NY Infantry
Died 6 September 1896, age 54 years

Nelson, son of Orrin and Patty Andrews
Died 23 July 1844, age 16 years

Martha, wife of Orrin Andrews
Died 28 April 1870, age 74 years

Orrin Andrews
Died 9 April 1861, age 71

Hannah Rockwell, wife of Uriah
Died 25 September 1849, age 78 years

Uriah Rockwell
Died 25 November 1850, age 82 years

Levi S. Rockwell
Died 19 July 1851, age 43 years

Esther, wife of Samuel Rockwell
Died 15 March 1879, age 78 years

Ida E., daughter of L. and E. Alden
Died 13 October 1872, age 11 years

Ettie, daughter of L. and E. Alden
Died 18 February 1877, age 2 years

Martha, wife of L. Alden
Died 5 November 1872

David Westerfield
Died 18, 1878, age 44 years

Mary W., wife of John Westerfield
Died 1864, age 26 years

M. A. Lane
Died 1847

Ralph Lucas, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Goundry
Died 1875, age 17 years

Richard Cowell
Died 19 May 1875, age 45 years

Lucretia A. (surname unknown)
Died 19 July 1852, age 4 years

Ebenezer Lockwood
Died (illegible)

Hannah Lockwood
Died 14 May 1875, age 73 years

Anna Elizabeth, wife of James Travis
Died 25 April 1880, age 53 years

Ann Eliza Voak
Died 26 December 1851, age 9 years

Zilpha Robinson

T. Kenyon

Walter Britton
Died 17 July 1875, age 83 years

Inez Morrison
Born 22 February 1874, died 21December 1874

Franklin J. (surname illegible)

Edward Doane
Died 14 July 1845, age 71 years
Sarah Doane
Died 28 March 1860, age 86 years

Asa Doane
Born 1805, died 18—

George W. Lane, son of David and Martha
Died 1849, age 11 months

Robert, son of William and Lydia Chambers
Died 24 February 1872, age 5 years

Mahala, wife of Richard Westbrook
Died 26 February 1871, age 84 years

Samuel Chambers
Died 28 June 186-, age 22 years

Sarah Chambers, wife of William
Died 1852, age 39 years

William Chambers
Died 8 August 1883, age 75 years

Lucinda, wife of B. H. Misner
Died 2 March 1877, age 67 years

Lement (?), wife of Richard Hays
Died 15 June 1860, age 71 years

Richard Hays
Died 23 July 1850, age 66 years

M____, daughter of Richard Hays
Died 1851, age 22 years

Hulda, daughter of Andrew and Mary Beckwith
Died 1843, age 11 months

Elisha Ware
Died 27 August 1858, age 71 years

Jacob Barkman
Died 1 October 1874, age 72 years

Sylvia Doane, wife of Asa
Died 3 January 1871, age 69 years

Melvina A. Lane
Died 1847

Jane M., wife of Gabriel Murray
Died 1861

Gabriel Murray
Died 21 March 1861, age 58 years

John Hord
Died 29 July 1863, age 70 years

Elizabeth, wife of John Caywood
Died 1893

John W. ------ure

David W. Hubbs
Died 1852

Richard, son of Richard and Elsa Ribble
Died 31 December 1835, age 7 months

William H. Beers
Died 7 May 1853, age 24 years

Evelyn, son of William Beers

Sarah, wife of Lewis Andrews
Died 1851, age 24 years

Abram, son of Lewis and Sarah Andrews
Died 9 April 1861, age 16 years

Lucinda, wife of Elvin C. Dean
Died 1847, age 45 years

Mary L., daughter of James and Lydia Mather
Died 1856

Philip H., son of James and Lydia Mather
Died 1845, age 2 years

Carlie _____
_______ DeWitt
Died 189-

Emmett DeWitt

Alice DeWitt

Edith, daughter of Nelson and Asenath Rusco
Born 1863
Died 1872

Alonzo Tucker
Born 1829
Died 1888

Selecta Tucker
Born 1834
Died 1900

Bomie (?) Tucker

Hiram Hurd
Died January 1884

John Bell

Robert, son of Thomas and Mary Boyce
Died July 1879, age 19 years

Robert, son of James and Elizabeth Boyce
No dates

Elizabeth, wife of William Bell
Died 1846, age 63 years

James Boyce
Died 20 December 1846, age 39 years

Ophelia Palmer, daughter of David and Susanna Palmer
Died March 1864, age 9 years

Margette Palmer, daughter of David and Susanna Palmer
Died 1871
Henry, son of Lester and Hannah Bennett
Died 2 October 1846, age 1 year

Louiza, wife of Levi Perry
Died 30 January 1853, age 44 years

Sarah, wife of Jacob Kanouse
Died 1848, age 77 years

Miles, son of ______ Rusco

Eula, daughter of ______ Rusco

David Ogden
Died 1848, age 70 years

Nathaniel, son of George and Mary Ogden
Died 1848, age 1 month

George, son of George and Mary Ogden
Died 1847

William, son of John and Emmaline Stewart
Died 1852, age 2 years

Susan, widow of Benjamin Strong
Died May 1841, age 88 years

Catherine, wife of William Conlocke (Gunlocke)
Died 1884

Maria, wife of Samuel Voak
Died 1841, age 37 years

Sarah Jane, daughter of Rev. L. and H. G. Rogers
Died 1849, age 2 years

Sarah Maria, daughter of Samuel and Maria Voak
Died 1838, age 9 years

Charles Bass
Died 9 April 1833, age 9 years

Charlotte, wife James W. Miller
Died 1846, age 43 years

Charlotte, infant daughter of James Miller

Chancy Haring
Died 1863, age 37 years

James B., son of Rev. George and Elizabeth Silversides
Died 12 August 1832, age 7 years

Nelson R., son of A. D. and Samantha DeWitt
Died 1875, age 10 years

Eliza, daughter of Joseph and Reba Miller
Died 1853, age 15 years

Aurella, wife of Barden Doane
Died 187_, age 27 years

Jacob Velie
Died 1847, age 51 years

Mary, wife of Jacob Velie
Died 1889, age 83 years

Armina, daughter of Robert Wilson
Died 1859

William Wilson
Died 1847

Lucy Ann, daughter of William and Louisa Powell
Died 1846

Ann Elizabeth, daughter of William and Lucy Powell
Died 1845

Charles, son of George _______
Died 1841

Cornelia, wife of E. W.Morrow and daughter of ______ Gibbs
Died 18_0, age 33 years

Anne Louisa Gaylord, daughter of A. and P. Gaylord
Died 1843, age 2 months

Alonzo, son of A. and P. Gaylord
Died 1842, age 9 months
Charles, son of A. and P. Gaylord
Died 1840, age 8 months

Deborah, wife of James Horton

James Horton

Sarah, daughter of James Horton
Died 1875, age 30 years

Joshua, son of S. and E. H. Smith, was killed by the fall of a tree
Died 1824, age 20 years

Christiana, wife of Heman Rowley
Died 1833, age 27 years

Mary, wife of Heman Rowley
Died 1837, age 27 years

Azubah, wife of Theophilus Eveleth
Died 1839, age 57 years

Theophilus Eveleth
Died 1845, age 75 years

Abram, son of Elisha and Millicent Rowlee
Died 1844, age 23 years

Edwin E., son of Edwin and Millicent Hathaway
Died 1840, age 4 months

Infant, daughter of Edwin and Millicent Hathaway

Calvin Bryant
Died 1847, age 81 years

Prudence, wife of Daddridge Bryant

Calvin, son of Daddridge and Prudence Bryant
Died 1841, age 7 months

Alpheus, son of Daddridge and Prudence Bryant
Died 1842, age 3 months
______ Lockwood, child of James and Ella Lockwood

George, son of James and Ella Lockwood
Died 1882

Harriett, wife of John Westerfield
Died 1882, age 73 years

Nancy Westerfield
Died 1853

John Westerfield

Benjamin _______

Margaret Benson, wife of Hezekiah Compton

Hezekiah Compton
Died 1877, age 69 years

Charlotte, wife of Philip Andrew(s)

Philip Andrew(s)
Died 1882, age 77 years

Lory Andrew(s)
Died 1839, age 78 years

Anna, wife of Lory Andrew(s)
Died 1846, age 82 years

Children of Atwood and Ruth Eveleth
   Nameless son died 1850
   Phebe H. died 1856
   Ida M. died 1863
   Nameless son died 1856

Atwood Eveleth
Died 12 November 1870, age 67 years

Simeon Johnson
Died 1846, age 40 years

Anna B., wife of Simeon Johnson
Died 1892, age 76 years

Henry B. Mapes

Le_____ Mapes, wife of E. D. Mapes

Rufus Gibbs
Died 1853, age 81 years

Eleanor, wife of Rufus Gibbs
Died 1853, age 75 years

J. T. Orcutt
Died 1845, age 10 days

Hester A., daughter of Asa and Mary Orcutt

Mary, wife of Asa Orcutt
Died 1845, age 43 years

Mary Ann, wife of Jason Chamberlain
Died 1847, age 33 years

George Goodrich
Died 1845, age 30 years

H. W. Goodrich
Died 1826, age 8 years

J. W. Goodrich
Died 1839, age 19 years

Illegible, son of J. and Mary Chamberlain

Gilbert Goodrich
Died 1863, age 33 years

John Wattles
Died 1842, age 82 years

Isabel, wife of John Wattles
Died 1842, age 79 years

Lucy, wife of Sylvester Goodrich
Died 1872

Sylvester Goodrich
Died 1875

Orred Hallett
Died 1846

Hampton Horning
Died 1871, age 43 years

Philena, wife of Hampton Horning
Died 1888, age 54 years

Darius Horning, son of Hampton
Died 1851, age 2 months

Anna, wife of Cornelius Haring
Died 1836, age 81 years

Achsam, wife of Cornelius Haring, Jr.
Died 1833, age 31 years

Betsey, daughter of Reuben and Lettitta Sample
Died 1836, age 1 year

Esther, wife of Warren Thomas
Died 1881, age 27 years

Wilson Kels
Died 1879, age 61 years

Elnora, daughter of Wilson and Nancy Kels
Died 1879, age 28 years

Sally, wife of Edward Hathaway
Died 1841, age 21 years

Henry, son of Thomas Shannon
Died 1862

John, son of Thomas Shannon
Died 1852

Thomas, son of Thomas Shannon
Died 1856

Sarah C., wife of E. Baldwin
Died 1884, age 78 years

Ephraim Baldwin
Died 1883, age 81 years

Martin E., son of Silas and Augusta Baldwin
Died November 1888, age 1 year

Margaret, wife of (Illegible)

Johnathan Palmer
Died 1867, age 86 years

Louisa, wife of Arijah Florrence and daughter of Moses DeWitt
Died 1848

Isaac DeWitt
Died 1841, age 72 years

Asenath, daughter John and Irena Miller
Died 1843

Asenath II, daughter of John and Irena Miller
Died 1844

Frances, wife of P. Hallette
Died 1831

James Rusco
Died 1870, age 76 years

Catherine Rusco
Died 1887, age 84 years

Jacob Miller
Died 15 May 1852, age 69 years

Shuler Miller
Died 25 October 1846, age 15 years

Hannah Miller, wife of Jedediah Miller
Died 30 June 1831, age 53 years

Malinda, wife of James E. Palmer
Died 6 February 1855, age 25 years

Levi Miller
Died 11 February 1874, age 75 years

Mary Ann, wife of Levi Miller
Died 1877, age 74 years

Mary Jane, daughter of Levi and Mary Ann Miller
Died 3 July 1833, age 6 years

William, son of Levi Miller
Died 20 December 1840

Josephine, daughter of D. B. and Lucinda Miller
Died 16 May 1850, age 2 years

Nathan Horning

Emma B., wife of Nathan Horning

Sarah G., daughter of Nathan Horning

Edson D., son of Nathan Horning

Etta A., daughter of Nathan Horning

Amanda Hotchkiss
Died 1 February 1832, age 35 years

Frank, son of Benoni and Sarah Hall
Died 10 July 1852, age 2 years

Sarah A., daughter of W. M. and G. S. Nichols
Died September 1845

Mahlon, son of Jesse and Sarah Stoddard
Died 21 November 1847, age 3 months

Samson Doane

Jennie, wife of Samson Doane
Born 28 November 1836
Died 17 February 1885

Rufus Doane

Sarah Doane

Morris, son of Samson Doane

Edna Doane

Betsey, wife of William Buck
Died 1842, age 33 years

Elizabeth Heist (in Webber Plot)
Died 1860, age either 31 or 81 years

Melissa L. Webber
Died 6 January 1870, age 36 years

Sophia, wife of Andrew Webber
Died 1840, age 46 years

Andrew Webber
Died 1847, age 52 years

Beulah, wife of Andrew Webber
Died 1863, age 69 years

Sarah Rusco

Eva, daughter of J. and Sarah Rusco

Eveline, wife of J. Rusco

James Rusco, Jr
Born 23 June 1833
Died 22 November 1912
Thomas Eyles
Died 1876, age 69 years

Aaron Olmsted
Died 1865, age 90 years

Charley P. Gaylord

Hattie A., daughter of Thomas and Sarah Crouch
Died 1870

Aron Longwell

Harriett Long
Died 1877, age 49 years

Henry Bogert

Henry Palmer, Co. B, 141st Regt. NY Vols.; Died in the service of his country at
                        Arlington Heights, Virginia, 31 March 1863, age 24 years

Clarissa, wife of Henry Palmer

Jonathan, son of Benjamin and Caroline Palmer
Died 1863, age 21 years

Benjamin Palmer
Died 1877

Abraham Allen
Died 1842 or 1847, age 61 years

Tunis, son of Abraham and Sarah Allen
Died 1839, age 22 years

Sarah, wife of John Edson
Died 1837, age 23 years

Electy, daughter of John and Sarah Edson
Died 1838, age 1 year

Isaac Rusco

Sarah, wife of Isaac Rusco

Addie, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Rusco and wife of A. S. McIntyre
Died 1877, age 21 years

Monroe Mathews, son of Charles and Diane
Died August 1879

Frankie Mathews, son of Charles and Diane
Died September 1875

Elsworth Mathews, son of Charles and Diane
Died September 1875

Louisa, daughter of William and Catherine Mathews
Died 1853, age 5 years

Nicholas Williams

Mary, wife of Nicholas Williams

Nicholas, son of Nicholas Williams

William Mathews
Died 1887, age 86 years

Catherine, wife of William Mathews
Died 1880, age 77 years

Leroy Gaylord

Don A. Gaylord

Helen M. Gaylord

Esther Eveline Gaylord

A. Gaylord

Philena Gaylord

Ann Eliza Goodrich
Died 1908, age 81 years

Dwight W. Goodrich
Died 1867, age 41 years

S. Whitfield, son of D. W. and J. E. Goodrich
Died 1853, age 2 years

Phebe, wife of George Sharp

Jesse N. Dickerman, Co G, 5th NY Heavy Artillery

Emmeline, wife of Jesse N. Dickerman
Died1898, age 75 years

Earl, son of _______ and Myrtle Rusco
Died 1890, age 1 year

Merle, son of ______ and Myrtle Rusco
Died 1896, age 6 years

Alvin Dolph
Died 1884, age 87 years

Hezekiah, son of Alvin and Mercy Dolph
Died at age 4 years

Mercy Dolph
Died 1884, age 86 years

David R. Miller

Frances, wife of David R. Miller

Marilla, wife of Reuben Blunt

Pietty Smith

Moses Gates
Died 1889, age 78 years

Anna, wife of Moses Gates
Died 1886, age 70 years

Orlando DeWitt, Co C, 1st NY Cavalry
Died 1908, age 71 years

Abram Barkley
Died 1888, age 68 years

Juliett Barkley
Died 1891, age 72 years

Clyde Coon

William Seeley

Lydia Seeley

Charles Mathews

Diana Mathews

William Mathews, Jr.

Alma Mathews

John H. Tymeson, Co B, 148th Regt. NY Vols.

L. Eva Misner, wife of John H. Tymeson

Bennie Clyde, son of John and Eva Tymeson
Died 1889, age 14 years

Thomas J. Horton, Co I, 86th Regt. NY Vols.
Died 1893, age 63 years

Hannah, wife of E. VanAmburg

George Ogden

Mary Ogden, wife of George

Barnet Andrew, Co B, 141st Regt. NY Vols.

Agnes Vine, wife of Barnett Andrew

Abram Compton, Co E, 11th Regt. PA Cavalry

Frances, wife of Abram Compton

_______ Rowlee

Thomas Boyes

Mary Boyes

Elizabeth Boyes

James O. Scott, Co I, 1st Regt. NY Vols. Cavalry

Emma J. Scott, wife of James O. Scott

Elennor L.Keefer, daughter of Lewis and Mary
Died 1874, age 18 years

Mark Keefer, son of Lewis and Mary
Died 1877, age 5 years
Lewis Keefer
Died 1882, age 50 years

Conrad Decker, 1st NY Veteran Cavalry

Mary Jane Stamp, wife of Conrad Decker

Ida Swarthout, wife of John Moody

Elizabeth Moody, wife of Asa Doane
1824 (cannot tell if this is birth or death year)

William E. Haring

Philander Miller, Co C, 5th Regt. NY Heavy Artillery

Emily Miller

Estella Miller Worden

Henry H. Davenport
Died 1880, age 10 years

Alva Davenport Caslin

Alice Harvey Hutchinson

Guy M. Hutchinson

John W. Wright, Co I, 1st Regt. NY Vols. Cavalry

Sarah Wright

Alonzo Barkley

Arthur Doane (Abiarthur),Civil War Veteran

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