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     Along Millstone Creek near Weston in Pennsylvania’s Bradford County lies an old cemetery where rest the remains of the early Northrup clan that settled Northrup Hollow in 1816.
     Nathan Northrup, patriarch of this family branch, was born in Connecticut in 1727.  His wife, the former Sarah Crawford, was also born there in 1732.  Nathan was a Revolutionary War veteran who served with the New Jersey troops from Sussex County, New Jersey.  He and his family were early to settle in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania  and, on July 3, 1778, they were among these settlers to flee from an Indian attack for the safety of Forty Fort.
     Sarah, also called “Mother Northrup”, was a remarkable lady known to all. When past 90 years of age, she would spin 80 knots of yarn daily. When she was 100 years of age, she could still dance as if she was a teenager.  When past the venerable age of 100, she walked alone from Athens, Pa to Monroeton, Pa which was a distance of 22 miles.  Her reason for such a walk was “to visit her children”.
     Nathan died in 1804 and Sarah died in 1837. Both are buried in the Northrup Cemetery along  Millstone Creek Road.
     John Northrup , son of Nathan and Sarah, was a stonecutter, a lumberman, a waterman, and a hotel keeper who joined his parents in settling in Northrup Hollow in 1816. The beauty of the area had made a deep impression on him.  He married Polly Taladay, a daughter of Henry Taladay of Wysox, Pa.  Henry was the son of Solomon Taladay who was a Revolutionary War veteran.  So many descendants of Nathan, Sarah, John and Polly made their homes in this hollow that it was often described as a “place full of Northrups”.
     Millstone Creek Road now has the lonely cemetery as its one reminder of its Northrup past.  There lie the remains of Nathan, Sarah and three sons, Steven, Nathan Jr., and John the stonecutter whose grave was marked with a millstone.  Several grandchildren who died in early childhood are also buried here.
     The Flood of 1972 caused by Hurricane Agnes wreaked havoc in bucolic Northrup Hollow and the cemetery suffered great damage.  Stones that weren’t washed away are now laying flat on the ground or are propped against trees with no person certain as to where they originally belonged.  Several remaining fieldstone grave markers give no clues as to their owners’ identities.  It is a sad legacy to a family whose history includes Nathan, a Revolutionary War veteran; John, the prominent businessman; Abijah, whose log cabin once stood where the First National Bank of Towanda, Pa now stands; and “Betsey Bijah”, daughter of Abijah, one of Northern Pennsylvania’s most powerful women who drove her own ox team, rived and shaved 1000 shingles a day and swung an axe with great skill.
     Many Bradford County residents can trace their roots to this family. Families that have married into the Northrup clan are: Bailey, Crawford, Parks, Ross, Sadler, and Taladay.

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