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Born Montgomery County, Buried Steuben County

In the 1855 Town of Orange, Schuyler County census records, there was listed a John Roof age 40 who was born in Montgomery County, NY.  The census listed his wife Nancy age 39 who was also born in Montgomery County.
In the bordering Town of Hornby, Steuben County there is Cook Cemetery along the Hornby Forks Road near its junction with the Dyke Road.    The cemetery lies about 100 feet from the road amidst an overgrown woodsy setting.   The Roof family is buried there with the Cook family.  Perhaps they were neighbors or possibly relatives.  A connection between these families has not been established.

Gravestone readings:

John Roof, born 1814 and died 1867
Nancy Roof, wife of John, born 1815 and died 1885
Erastus Roof, born 1840 and died 1844
Fanny Roof, born 1844 and died 1864
Jannie Roof, born 1846 and died 1875

Catherine Cook born 1769 and died 1842
Catherine Cook born 1791 and died 1857
John P. Cook born 1824 and died 1886
Lana A. Cook born 1827 and died 1889

Could this John Roof be the son of Adam Roof and Mary Frey Roof?
Is he John Loucks Roof who, supposedly died after 1845?
What is Nancy’s maiden name?   Could it be Cook?

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