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Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Henry Taladay, aka Talladay, was the progenitor of the Talady line that settled early in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Not much is known about Henry, and his wife’s name is unknown.  It is known they were the parents of 5 daughters and 3 sons.
       1.  Solomon:   married Chloe Couch and resided Monroeton, Pa. 
       2.  Abraham
       3.  John
       4.  Polly:  married John Northrup
       5.  Althea
       6.  Unknown
       7.  Unknown
       8.  Unknown

Solomon Talady was a Revolutionary War veteran who was born in Connecticut.  He and his wife, the former Chloe Couch, were the parents of 5 children.  Solomon died 14 February 1839 and was buried with his wife in Athens, Pa.   Children:

       1.  Cynthia
       2.  Arletta Lucretia:  married Samuel Northrop
       3.  Millie/Miley
       4.  Polly:  married Joseph Barber and settled in Corning, N.Y.
       5.  John:  also settled in Corning, N.Y.

Arletta Lucretia Taladay and her husband Samuel Northrop were the parents of several children, 2 names known:  Arletta Lucretia and Zilpha.

       1.  Arletta Lucretia Northrop married her 2nd cousin Walter Northrup.

Polly Taladay married John Northrup and they had 6 children.

       1.  Henry
       2.  Nathan
       3.  Polly
       4.  Stephen
       5.  John: married Jane Sadler and their son Walter married his 2nd cousin Arletta Northrop

Walter and Arletta Northrop Northrup were the parents of Myrtle May Northrup who married Silas E. Bailey.

                                               TALADAY/TALLADAY CHART

                                                              Henry Taladay

His son:                                                                   His daughter:

Solomon married Chloe Couch                               Polly married John Northrup

His granddaughter:            (first cousins)                His grandson:

Arletta Talady married Samuel Northrop                John Northrup, Jr. married Jane Sadler 

His great-granddaughter:   (second cousins)           His great-grandson:

Arletta Northrop                                                       Walter Northrup


Arletta Northrop and Walter Northrup were second cousins on their Taladay side of the family and they were also cousins on their Northrop/Northrup side.

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