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Matthew Dawson, Private Co. H, 107th NY Regiment, Died at Frederick, MD of wounds received at the Battle of Antietam,1 October 1862

Belmont Cemetery:

         Elmer Kenyon: Civil War, Co. “M”, 24th NYV Cavalry, 1834-1904
         Darius Parker: Civil War, Co. “I”, 1st Regt., Veteran Cavalry, 1830-1914
         Christopher Goundry: Civil War
         Norton Schermerhorn: Civil War

Buck Settlement Cemetery:

         Oscar A. Kendall: Civil War, 14th NY Regt., died 24 October 1864, Alexandria, VA
         Daniel C. Norris: Civil War, Co. “A”, 141st Regt., NYV, died 6 January 1863

Chrisjohn Cemetery:

         Milton Boyce: Civil War
         Erastus Carson:  Civil War 
         George D. Chrisjohn: Civil War, Co. “A”, 141st Regt., NYV, 1840-1911
         William Lanphear: Civil War
         Charles Rarrick: Civil War
         John O. Wasson: Civil War, Co. “A”, 89th Regt., NYV, 1827-1908
         Philander Willis: Civil War

Donovan Hill:
         William McCallister: Revolutionary War

Maltby Cemetery:
          James Baird: Civil War, Co. “E”, 86th Regt., NYV, 1839-1914
          George W. Bennett: Civil War, Co. “E”, 107th Regt., NYV, 1838-1914
          Nathaniel Hewitt: Revolutionary War, died 1829
          G. M. Putnam: Civil War, Co. “H”. 107th Regt., NYV
          George Putnam: Civil War, Co. “B”, 1st Regt., NYV, died 1895
          Levi B. Randall: Civil War, Co. “I”, 86th Regt., NYV, died 6 November 1864 at
                   Petersburg, VA

Miller-Barker Cemetery:

         Marco P. Rood: Civil War, “our soldier boy”, died in U.S. hospital,  5 May 1865

Monterey Old Methodist Church Cemetery:
         Barnett Andrew: Civil War, Co. “B”, 141st Regt., 1844-1925
         Abram Compton: Civil War: Co, “E”, 11th Regt., 1839-1907
         Conrad Decker: Civil War, 1st NY Veteran Cavalry, 1830-1913
         Orlando DeWitt: Civil War, Co. “I”, 1st NY Cavalry, 1837-1908
         Jesse N. Dickerman: Civil War, Co. “G”, 5th NY Heavy Artillery
         Abiathur Doan: Civil War
         Thomas J. Horton: Civil War, Co. “I”, 86th Regt., NYV, 1830-1893
         William Mathews, Jr.: Civil War, 1838-1903
         Philander Miller: Civil War, Co. “C”, 5th Regt., NYHA, 1832-1889
         Henry Palmer: Civil War, Co. “B”, 141st Regt., NYV, died 31 March 1863 at
                   Arlington Heights, VA, age 24
         Addison K. Randall: Civil War, Sgt. in Co. “I”, 86th Regt., NYV, 1842-1896
         James O. Scott: Civil War, Co. “I”,  1st NY Cavalry, 1838-1907
         John H. Tymeson: Civil War, Co. “B”, 148th Regt., NYV, 1841-____
         John W. Wright: Civil War, Co. “I”, 1st Regt., NY Veteran Cavalry, 1837-1907

        Jonathan Watson Dawson, Co. K  50th NY Engineers, Died 13 January 1865,
Poplar Grove Church, Virginia

New Sugar Hill Cemetery:

         Daniel S. Barker: Civil War, Co. “A”, 14th NY Heavy Artillery, 1842-____
         Jabez J. Buck: Civil War, Co. “B”, 161st Regt., NYV, 1844-1921
         Garrett Haring: Civil War, Co. “A”, 141st Regt., NYV, 1838-1911
         James Orr: Civil War
         William Warden: Civil War
         Miles Weidman: Civil War, Co. “D”, 179th Regt. NYV, died 1879

Old Sugar Hill Cemetery:

         James Ralston: Civil War, Co. “E”, 104th Regt., NYV, 1829-1901

Schuyler Cemetery:

         Daniel Chapman: Civil War

Six Nations Cemetery:

        David Bevier: Revolutionary War
        ______ Covert: Civil War
       Isaac Potter: Civil War
       Zenas Preston: Civil War
       John Rapalee: War of 1812
       George Shannon: Civil War

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