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The following information has been gleamed from Walter Northup’s Service Record, his Pension Application Affidavit and his Physician’s Affidavit.   Walter Northrup’s military service is most interesting because, after being charged with desertion and having a $30.00 reward placed upon his head, he proved his innocence during a military court martial and received an honorable discharge at the war’s end.

Walter Northrup began his military service when he enlisted in Bradford County, PA to serve with “B” Company, 7th PA Cavalry.  He was enrolled by Captain Essington for a term of 3 years.
Walter was age 18, his height was 5 feet 7 inches, his complexion was fair and his eyes and hair were dark.

During the Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Walter was shot in the left side of his head and in his left shoulder.  He was taken prisoner however his Union commander listed him as deserting and being absent without leave for nearly 9 months.  It was during this time a reward of $30.00 was posted on Walter’s head.   When he was, finally, free to return to his regiment he was arrested for desertion and tried by court martial where he was found not guilty.  This verdict was followed by a sentence to be confined 6 months at hard labor with loss of pay during imprisonment and a forfeiture of 12 months back pay.   (The sentence was disapproved on account of improper findings.)

From Walter Northrup’s Pension Application:   Certificate #150790

Walter Northup, late a Private, Co. “B”, 7th Regt. PA Cavalry being duly sworn says: that while in the service aforesaid, in the line of this duty, he received a gun shot wound in the left side of head and left shoulder at the same time, on the 13th day of July A.D. 1862 at the battle of Murpheysboro, Tennessee; that when he made application for pension on 15 March 1876 he stated the wound was rec’d on 13 June 1862 which was in error and should have been 13 July 1862 or not stated.


From Physician’s Affidavit made by O. H. Rockwell:

That he has treated the soldier’s family some and thinks he has treated soldier but having no record of such treatment is unable to give date or trouble.   From general observation he knows soldier to have been disabled during these years.  On 30 November 1904 he made personal examination of the said soldier eliciting the following history and observing the following conditions.  Soldier is 64 years old and prior to his service with the 7th PA Cavalry, he was in the best of health, hardly ever knowing what pain or sickness was.  That July 1862 at Murfeesborough, Tenn. he incurred gunshot wounds of left side of the head and left shoulder, that he was treated for same at Hospital No. 8, Nashville, Tenn.  That immediately after the healing of these wounds he began to have pains and stiffness of the muscles of left side of neck, shoulder, and arm, which has been continuous since progressively increasing in degree and extending to muscles of back, hips and legs and that for the past fifteen years by reason of the disability resulting there from he has been totally disabled for performing all manual labor.  He complains of a special numbness and coldness of left arm and hand and states he has to have it rubbed and bathed to obtain the least relief.  He also complains of pain and soreness along the course of sciatic nerve in both legs and states his nights are broken and restless by reason of pain and suffering.  The general appearance of claimant is bad.  Complexion is sallow, poorly nourished, tongue flabby muscles gums.  All movements are painful and difficult.  There is general atrophy of muscular system, contractions of tendons stiffening of joints and a marked impairment in function in all the limbs. The left arm is especially noticeable by reason of its shoulder condition and he is unable to raise it to a right angle with body.  His circulation is impaired pulse small and weak extremities cold and blue.  In the opinion of affiant the soldier’s present condition is the result of the gunshot wounds of head and shoulder and that his present disability for manual labor by reason of same with results is total.
                                                                                               O. H. Rockwell, M.D.


Walter Northrup’s Replies to 1915 Pension Questionnaire:

He was born 27 December 1841 in Monroeton, PA
He served with the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry
He married Loretta Northrop on 1 January 1868 in Monroeton, PA with S. W. Alden, Pastor of the M. E. Church, officiating.   He had been married only once and Loretta had been married to him only.  He and she were separated by her death.
Names and birthdates of their children:

          Maud Northrup Camp born 4 May 1876
          Charles Fisher Northrup born 26 January 1879
          Robert Clair Northrup born 1 April 1884
          Myrtle May Northrup Bailey born 26 May 1886
          Mirvin Northrup born a twin, deceased
          Frank Northup born a twin, deceased
          Do not remember date of birth or death as bible has been burned.

April 15, 1915                                             Walter (X) Northrup, his mark

                                                                     F. E. Oliver, witness     

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