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Post Creek, Town of Catlin, Chemung County, N.Y.

          A history of the Wetherell family would not be complete without a mention of the Whitford family as these two groups have been entwined since before they settled in the area of Post Creek, Chemung County, New York.  There were Wetherells in the Whitford ancestry.   It is thought the Wetherell family settled for a short time in Otsego County, N.Y after leaving their home state of Connecticut.   The Whitford family had resided in Otsego County for many years prior to 1800. 

         During the 1840s the Wetherell family settled in the Post Creek area of the Town of Catlin, Chemung County, New York.   Sometime during the 1860s this farming settlement was called “Kendall Station” when it was a stop on the railroad which ran between Corning and Watkins Glen, New York.   By the 1870s this little hamlet endured another name change when it was decided by the local people to call the picturesque area “Chambers” in honor of John and Mary Chambers who owned the local store and ran the Post Office.

         Ansel Wetherel, Sr. (as it was spelled on his gravestone) was born 18 October 1795 in Connecticut and came to Post Creek with his son Ansel Jr. who was born in Connecticut in 1824.  If Ansel Sr.’s wife came with him, there is no proof.  She may have died in Connecticut and he came as a widower with his teenage son.

         On the 1850 U. S. Federal census for the Town of Catlin, Ansel Sr. was listed as being age 58 years while his son Ansel Jr. was listed as age 25 years.  Ansel Jr. was now married and his wife Amelia S. was listed as age 18.  (Amelia was the daughter of the Wetherells’ neighbors, Joseph and Arathucy Whitford, who had left Otsego County, New York in the 1830s to settle at Post Creek.)

         The 1860 U. S. federal census which was recorded in the summer of 1860, and after the death of Ansel Sr., listed Ansel Wetherell Jr. as age 36 years, his wife Amelia as age 28 years, with two children, a daughter Emily age 9 years and a son George age 5 years.

        Emily Wetherell, born 22 May 1851, was married in 1867 to Mark Sibley Hazen who was born 29 June 1840 in the Town of Catharine, Schuyler County, New York.  He was the son of Harley and Rhoda Cogswell Hazen who moved to Post Creek shortly after 1855.


        During the 1830s Joseph Whitford and his wife Arathucy  ______  left Otsego County, New York to settle on a large farm near Post Creek Settlement and this farm, which was quite prosperous, was known as “Pleasant Valley Farm” in the 1870s.   The Whitford Farmstead still stands along Campground Road in Chambers, New York as of 2006.

        The 1850 U. S. Federal census listed Joseph Whitford as being age 49 years, his wife Arathucy as age 39 years and their children: Amelia age 17, Emily age 14, William age 8, James age 6, and  Lucy Jane age 4.   (Amelia Whitford’s name was given to the census taker when he visited the Whitford home and it was given again when he reached the Wetherell home.  The 1850 Federal census listed her as age 18 residing with her husband Ansel Wetherell Jr.)

        According to the 1860 Federal census, the Joseph Whitford family consisted of Joseph age 56 (?), Lucy (short for Arathucy) age 50, William age 18, James age 15 and Lucy Jane age 13.

        The Wetherell and Whitford families are intertwined with most of the families of early Post Creek.  The following partial listing of Savory Cemetery, Chambers, NewYork shows the connections.



                                                      SAVORY CEMETERY



Ansel Wetherel (as spelled on gravestone)        Paternal Grandfather of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 18 October 1795
Died 11 February 1860
Age 64 years, 3 months and 24 days

Ansel Wetherell Jr.        Father of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 1824
Died 1897

Amelia Whitford Wetherell      Mother of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 1833
Died 1905


Joseph Whitford          Maternal Grandfather of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 18 November 1800
Died 23 December 1870
Age 70 years, 1 month and 5 days

Thusy (Arathucy) Whitford      Maternal Grandmother of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 25 July 1810
Died 29 February 1892
Age 81 years, 7 months and 4 days


Mark Sibley Hazen       Husband of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 29 June 1840
Died 27 June 1888
Age 47 years

Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 22 May 1851
Died 22 October 1921
Age 70 years

Samuel Reuel Hazen               Brother-in-law of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 31 October 1844
Died 3 November 1917
Age 73 years

Juniatta Dean Hazen Dembey      1st Cousin of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 1885
Died 1934
Age 49 years

Harvey H. Dembey        (In-law)
Born 1875
Died 1952
Age 76 years

Ethel Marie Dembey    1st cousin, once removed, of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 1903
Died 1933
Age 30 years

Estella Esther Hazen Lane      Daughter of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 1868
Died 1932
Age 64 years

William Lane     Son-in-law of Emily Wetherell Hazen
Born 1855
Died 1943
Age 88 years

There are several Savory and Cogswell family members buried in this old burial ground in Chambers, New York.  Originally this was a private cemetery for the Savory family but, as time went on, relatives were allowed to be buried there also.  The first Mrs. Savory was a Cogswell by birth and many of her nieces and nephews, such as the Easling family members, were buried here.

It is a well-kept cemetery and vandalism is unknown.

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