Grandma's Cabin, Genealogy by Nancy Machuga

Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Caleb White was a Revolutionary War veteran whose name appeared on a list stating that he drew a pension for his service to the United States.  He married Chloe Hamilton who was a daughter of Caleb Hamilton.  Not much is known about Caleb and Chloe except they died and were buried in Granville Center, Pa.

Their son was David White who located in 1798 near Burlington, Pa. on Sugar Creek.   He was also on the List of Assessment for Wysox, Pa. 1799.   His wife’s name was Mary, maiden name unknown.   They had a daughter Adeline M. White and possibly other children.

Adeline M. White married Samuel Bailey of LeRoy, Pa.  (See Bailey family for his ancestry.)

Adeline and Samuel Bailey were the parents of six children: Lovisa, Dorrlessa, Elozia, Franteska, Manning and Rodolphus.   Manning was born in 1831 and died in 1901.   Rodolphus was born in 1835 and died in 1915.

Manning Bailey married Mary Jane Savage who was the daughter of Abram Savage and his wife Lucy Kenyon Savage.   Manning and Mary Jane Bailey were the parents of 10 children: Emmett born 1855, Lucy born 1857, Flora born 1859, Mary born 1861, Reed born 1865, Dorr born 1867, Eliza Jane born 1869, Louie born and died 1875, Samuel born 1878, and Silas E. born 1881.

Silas E. Bailey born 1881 married Myrtle May Northrup, daughter of Walter and Arletta Northrop Northrup of Northrup Hollow, near Powell, Pa.   Myrtle Northrup was born in 1886.
They were the parents of 3 children: Walter, Robert and Bernice.   Silas died in March of 1966 and Myrtle died in December of 1973; both are buried in Woodlawn National Cemetery, Elmira, Chemung County, N.Y.

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